Best Seats in the House

Oct 28 2017 / 3:23 am

Throughout the AHL season we will play ather Trivia Timeout contest giving you the chance to WIN the BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE for the next Belleville Senators home game!!!

When you hear the cue to call be caller 10 throughout to (613)962-0955. Mark and Ingrid in the Morning will give you 30 seconds to answer all 5 questions. If at any point an incorrect answer is given the play is over. Steve Marlin will use the same 5 questions at 12:10pm. In the event that an incorrect answer is given the play will be over. Steve will have another play at 5:10pm. This process will continue until all 5 questions have been answer correctly and the prize is awarded.

The Best Seats in the House contest is brought to you by Leon's Trenton - "Part of the Family". Find them online at and visit them Hwy 401 & Glen Miller Road.

Be a part of the Belleville Senators inaugural season with the Best Seats in the House contest from Leon's Trenton and 95.5 Hits FM.

Note: Participants may only win once every 90 days

Contest Rules:

- You’ve got 30 seconds to answer 5 questions

- Only your first answer will be accepted, you can not change your answer

- If you get a question wrong, or the time runs out, the game is over

- The only exception to this rule is if time runs out as we are reading the 5th question you will have 3 seconds to provide an answer

- Answers will not be accepted until after the full question has been asked. If you answer while we are still reading the question we will ask you to repeat your answer

- 95.5 Hits FM is not responsible for lost, dropped or misdirected calls.

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