Birthday Party with Mark and Ingrid

Feb 26 2018 / 1:02 am

Someone you know have a Birthday coming up? Let us know and Mark and Ingrid will give your special someone “Birthday Wishes” on their Special Day.

Tell us who’s Birthday it is, the date of the Big Day, who the Wishes are coming from and the Age your special someone is turning, if you dare.

When you submit your well wishes you will be entered into the monthly draw for a $50 gift certificate from Avondale Flowers & Gifts.

Avondale Flowers - "Quality flowers at great prices". Find them at the corner of Avondale and Dundas Street West in Belleville (443 Dundas Street West) and on Facebook!

Celebrate that special day at 7:40am weekdays with the “Birthday Party with Mark and Ingrid” on 95.5 Hits FM.

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