Mark and Charity’s Beat the Bank

Sep 10 2019 / 4:33 pm

Quinte’s favourite radio contest is back! 95.5 Hits FM listeners, just like you, have won their share of thousands of dollars over the years and we’re doing it all again given you a shot at cash prize up to 10 GRAND!

95.5 Hits FM and Sandra Hussey – Sales Representative at Exit Realty Group bring you “Mark and Charity’s Beat the Bank! Listen every Monday for your chance to play. When you hear the cue to call be caller 9 through to (613) 962-0955.

Get your hands on cash by opening a series of vaults LIVE on air.  Each vault contains more money than the one before it. Stop and keep the money . . . or risk losing it all, because if you trigger the alarm, you'll lose it all.

Thanks to our sponsor Sandra Hussey – “Be Fussy, Call Hussey”! Find her online at and learn more about Exit Realty Group’s top sales agent since 2014!

Your chance to win up to $10,000 is back with the Mark and Charity’s Beat the Bank on 95.5 Hits FM!

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