Mark and Ingrid in the Morning

Thursday February 23rd, 2017

Feb 23 2017 / 7:36 am

NOTE: Explicit language in the following video. There is a local video that has gone viral from Halifax to Vancouver. It shows a Belleville snow plow operator getting into with a pedestrian. But there are two differing views: some say the driver was too aggressive and others say the pedestrian was clearly baiting the driver. Mark and Ingrid want to know what you...

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Wednesday February 22nd, 2017

Feb 22 2017 / 7:50 am

Pineapple on a pizza? You either love it or hate it. The President of Iceland says he would like to outlaw that pizza topping. Mark and Ingrid want to know which item you think should NOT be on a pizza. Here is what you had to say:  Ellen: Who wants to be normal, anyway? Rock on, Pineapple Pizza!!!! Janet: Broccoli!!! LeighAnn: Normal is boring - long live...

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Thursday February 16th, 2017

Feb 16 2017 / 8:40 am

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Wednesday February 15th, 2017

Feb 15 2017 / 7:50 am

Could you buy your ex a gift? There's a fine line when it comes to befriending an ex. Billy Flynn wants men everywhere to know that despite the circumstance, treating women right is important — no matter what. "It's my ex-wife's birthday today so I got up early and brought flowers and cards and a gift over for the kids to give her and helped...

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Tuesday February 14th, 2017

Feb 14 2017 / 8:35 am

There's something nice about watching an entire TV series with a loved one, but it can also lead to friction in a relationship. Netflix has a new survey that reveals 46% of streaming couples around the world are watching ahead of their partners and most are planning to cheat more. Here are the 5 types of Netflix cheaters: 1. The Long Distance Cheater 2. The...

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