Friday June 17th, 2017

Jun 16 2017 / 7:48 am

The bat-signal will shine one final time for a beloved Dark Knight.
The late Adam West was honored Thursday night with a lighting of the iconic signal in Los Angeles.
Se the picture below.

Are some things too old fashioned to do anymore? Mark and Ingrid are wondering if anyone asks the parents permission before they propose. Recent poll asked this and 65% said yes, you still need to do this. Did you ask or did your partner ask your parents permission or did you get asked when your kids got engaged? Mark and Ingrid want to hear from you.

Here's what you had to say:

Jonelle: Yes. My husband asked

Laurie: My fiance asked my daughters permission 

Robert: My soon to be Son-In-Law asked me, wedding is today...

Ruth: Our now son-in-law asked us. He took us out for lunch and asked us then. A very emotional moment....we all shed tears. The hardest thing about it was not being able to tell our daughter and trying to act natural until he popped the question!

Melanie: My husband did not ask my parents first.

Jill: My husband asked my dad and both of my daughters' men asked mu husabnd.In my second daughter's instance, her fiancé asked me as well as her dad, with the most beautiful words.Both men even asked her sisters for input on HOW to propose!! Like Ruth, it was tough to keep but exciting!!!!

Amanda: Nope. He just asked me because it's my decision, not my parents lol.

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