Monday March 12th, 2018

Mar 12 2018 / 8:52 am

A Tesla owner got caught red handed - because his hands were not on the wheel and his feet were hanging out of the window as he took a selfie. The driver, Joseph Salim Mourad, was showing off the vehicles autopilot function which sees the car drive itself down the road automatically. However, the owner was clearly not anticipating running into a cop who was also riding along the same road on his motor cycle. The driver who, is also a Grammy-nominated producer by the name of DJ Klypso, tells The Blast he was riding on the 101 freeway in his Tesla Model S when he was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol who also made an appearance in his pictures. Klypso could be seen filming himself on his cellphone while the car was moving down the highway and even does a double-take as he spots the officer out of the corner of his eye. He was cited for operating a cell phone while driving and also driving at unsafe speed for traffic conditions. But in court, he claimed he was able to convince the judge to drop the ticket after showing supporting evidence that the Tesla auto-pilot drives 100% on its own and accurately monitors speed while on the freeway. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles court system however said that the ticket was dismissed because the police officer who issued it didn't attend the hearing. High-profile accidents involving Autopilot have revealed the difficulties automakers face as they introduce semi-autonomous technologies that can assume control in limited contexts, but are not yet capable of fully autonomous driving. Tesla and other car companies insist that drivers should be alert and ready to take control at a moment's notice, some drivers don't follow that advice.

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