Thursday July 13th, 2017

Jul 13 2017 / 8:11 am

According to new analysis, some lottery numbers do appear to be luckier than others - with 16 being by far the most commonly drawn and 18 being the most uncommon over the last year. The research, carried out by online betting platform Jackpot, looked at winning lottery numbers from the past 12 months around the world. Over 1,500 draws were scrutinized across 15 international lotteries including EuroMillions, UK Lotto, US Powerball, and Irish Lotto. The luckiest number was deemed to be 16, drawn 191 times over the past year, followed by the number 22 which was drawn 179 times. Players may want to steer clear of the number 18, however, which was only drawn four times last year, followed by the number 46, only drawn five times, and the number 40, only drawn six.
16 - drawn 191 times
22 - drawn 179 times
28 - drawn 167 times
37 - drawn 167 times
6 - drawn 166 times
3 - drawn 164 times
18 - drawn only four times
46 - drawn only five times
40 - drawn only six times
41 - drawn only seven times
32 - drawn only eight times
36 - drawn only eight times


A mechanical engineer from California built the world's largest Super Soaker, capable of shattering glass with a forceful stream of water. Mark Rober showed off the capabilities of the 7-foot-long water gun, which holds the Guinness World Record for the world's largest Super Soaker, on his YouTube channel by firing highly pressurized streams of water at various household items. The massive water gun managed to slice watermelons, bananas and hot dogs in half, split open a soda can and shatter a line of wine goblets with jets of water traveling 272 mph. 
Check it out here: Super Soaker



Scientists have determined that there’s a specific age you hit that makes you too old for night clubs. The age? 37 years old. Once you hit 37 you are officially too old for night clubs…But the hatred of nightclubs starts a lot earlier. According to respondents, 37 is the age it becomes tragic to go to nightclubs, with 31 emerging as the age we officially prefer staying in to going out.

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