Thursday October 5th, 2017

Oct 5 2017 / 8:28 am

Would you buy these products "just in case"? Mark and Ingrid were talking about the new trend to prepare for every disaster. Costco is offering doomsday preppers a year's worth of "emergency food" for $1,000, and the kit is said to stay good for up to 25 years. The retailer's website lists a "Nutristore 1 Year Emergency Food Kit" for $999.99, and the kit includes 6,200 servings of food, enough to last one person for an entire year. The kit is composed of nearly 100 cans of food including wheat, rice, milk, granola, fruits, vegetables and meats. Ingrid said alot of people bought generators because they once went for days without power during an ice storm. Is this any different?

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