Wednesday July 11th, 2018

Jul 11 2018 / 8:45 am

A video of a woman eating from her ice cream cone after letting her dog lick it 22 times has divided the internet.. Half saying "Gross", half saying "Nothing wrong with it"Mark and Ingrid want to know: Would you let your dog lick your ice cream cone, and then lick it again yourself?

Here's what you had to say:

Robyn: I wouldn't fancy this at all, however on a positive note regarding this woman's choice of sharing her ice cream: wiener dog's spines are too long to allow them to lick their own

Fern : Absolutely our dog is our family as I would let my kid share with me too.... true dog lover ❤️

Linda: I don’t think so!

Janice :I love my little Pomeranian very much, as my hundreds of fb photos of her attest, but once I give her food it’s all hers, and I am not going back for more! Of course, the same goes if I offer it to my husband or kids! Nobody else’s germs for me, love or not! LOL

Tara: No way at all! They lick their behinds and eat things that either came from them or found on the ground. Not sure how that can be healthy for you?.Love my pets but this is something that grosses me out! ��

Lorie: I am not okay to share my food with a dog that cleans his own ass from the mouth he just used to share my ice cream. That's a def hell no!! And i own a dog

Tina : Gross

Kat: That is a Hard NO! The dog can have his own and chill.

Kathy Reid Um nope. I know the other places that tongue has been!  ��

Amanda Vickers Vardy When I was a child it didn't bother me but as sad as it sounds I think it would now.... Lol

Tina: No flipin way I know where that Tongue has been I won’t even lick off the same cone as a human lol

Patricia: Loved my dog but when he licked my ice cream it became his lol

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